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Gelato & Patisserie


The Gelato & Patisserie division handles a range of Italian ingredients and flavours for gelato from COMPRITAL. Presentation accessories and equipment are also available.



Comprital, which manufactures semiprocessed foodstuff for ice-cream shops and pastry-makers, is the ideal partner for small and industrial manufacturers, both in Italy and abroad.

Basd in Settala, a stone's throw from Milan, the company, through its systematic and constant application of research, succesfully marries advanced technology for the creation of innovative products with due respect for Italian tradition in food processing.

Comprital is, today, a leading name in the Italian ice-cream industry. The company has a dynamic and flexible organisational structure that enables it to respond rapidly to the demands of the market.

Streamlined and flexible, it also boasts an in-depth understanding of the sector's product and technologies. Thanks to ongoing updating in the technical and commercial fields, all this allow the company to offer solutions that always work - solutions that are innovative and able to meet the most diverse requirements. Another factor contributing to the success enjoyed by Comprital is the company's constant commitment to total quality, both product and service quality, an approach that begins with careful selection of suppliers and extends through to the aftersale service.

Comprital has always invested heavily in research. The application of new stabilisers, the development of alternative products, like hot ice cream or totally vegetable-based ice cream, and the creation of new flavours, like the lemon-based "Limoncello" that has been such a winner, are just some of the successes recorded.

The company's research endeavours are driven by consumer feedback; through close contact with the consumer, we strive to understand how he works, so as to be able to interpret his desires and discover what it is he really wants. Our research team is avaliable, every day, to offer technical assistance and support, to large and small concerns alike.

Thanks to its capacity to marry ultra-safe, high-tech equipment with the whole ice-cream tradition, complete with its wealth of social and cultural implications, Comprital can turn a passion into reality.

The arrangement of the production plants, the choice of equipment and the sequence of the processes are all dictated by the HACCP standards, which analyses risks and monitors critical points in the production process.

Comprital is one of the very few Italian companies in this sector to have obtained EU certification for the processing of products containing a high level of dairy and milk by-products: the entire production process is controlled by Italy's Veterinary Office, itself coordinated by their headquarters in Brussels.

Comprital knows that producing a good quality industrial ice cream is not easy and that the product itself is just a small part of this complexity.

The firm wants to be an ideal partner for the small and medium ice cream industry with tailored ingredients and “pre start” assistance on, for example, production lay out, raw material selection, legal matters and lables and nutrition facts.

A fast and reliable service, something that makes COMPRITAL a unique company in the ice cream ingredient industry.



Your Partner in Sweet Creations

Alcas produces a wide range of items for the ice-cream and the confectionary field. It offers classic collections like trays, containers, cups and accessories as well as innovative collections like joy-cups and elegant take-away solutions.

The company always paid attention to the different requirements of the market. It therefore offers different proposals like coloured cups for the ice-cream parlours, joy-cups named Joyoso Circus for the children, individual portions for the showcase, the elegant gold collection of Medoro trays, the drink collection for the sundaes, accessories to customize the products, and the new collection of take-away products called Mini Mon Amour.

Alcas partnership with the company Nature Works brought to the creation of the 02 Line, the first collection in the world entirely produced with biodegradable coloured raw material coming from corn.

For more information on Alcas visit the Alcas website: www.alcas.it



Since 1946 the company " BOVO" has followed step by step the technology development and improvement applying to its manufacutre the most significant and lasting safety and quality components.

Specialized since 50 years in the manufacture of machines and all kinds of equipment for ice-cream parlors, the company "BOVO" has played an important part as guide in the research and introduction of innovations.

Promoter of 23 industrial patents and technical improvements, it has transformed the old ice-cream machines in good technological supports for ice-cream production, offering a high level of reliability, life and economy to the most selective experts in the field.

Vertical and horizontal ice-cream making machines, pasteurizers, boilers, preservers, cream pasteurising machines, blenders for food doughs, fruit and fluids, cooling tanks, ice-cream freezers, chocolate hot-keeping pots, spaghetti ice-cream air/hand presses, electric mixers and other articles for ice-cream parlors are manufactured by the company "BOVO" with great professionality and expertise.

Remarkable is the export level (circ. 60% of the production) in the E.E.C. Countries, East Europa, Eastern and Western Asia, North and South America and Australia.

The production area is located in Dosson di Casier (Treviso).



Imported from Italy for the take home packs for gelato and ice-cream.

Available in four sizes, made of polystyrene foam and plastic liners.